If your device is already capable of connecting to the 4G network you may still need to take action.

  • Check if 4G coverage is available in the locations where your devices are deployed if you are a Pelion customer you can do this via our coverage map

  • If 4G coverage is available, check which networks provide the coverage and confirm whether your current plan and profile can facilitate connectivity to that network

  • Check if your device has 4G failover configured, if it does you don’t need to do anything, your device should be able to connect, if it doesn’t there are a few more steps required

  • If your device isn’t configured for 4G failover you need to update the configurations, if you are a Pelion customer you can do this remotely via any of our networking services such as DINA or Open VPN and you can contact our support team if you need help changing configurations

  • If you are a Pelion customer and don’t have any of our networking services set-up but would like to add them, you can speak to our support team or your account manager to add these services

  • If you have another means of easy access to your devices you can just update the configuration directly

Finally, you need to consider if your device uses any additional services such as Voice or SMS services via one of the affected networks. If it does but is compatible with 4G equivalents (VoLTE) then follow the steps above for help with configuration and set-up. If it is not compatible and you are a Pelion customer, speak to your account manager.