Pelion partners with BT Wholesale to bring 5G supported IoT offering to customers

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Today Pelion announced an extension of its long-standing partnership with BT Wholesale, which will provide Pelion customers access to its EE network – the largest mobile network in the UK. Through this agreement, Pelion customers in the UK will have access to EE’s 4G network and will gain access to its 5G network later in the year.

“Pelion is committed to providing customers with the highest-quality connectivity available at the best possible rates, and partnerships like the one we have established with BT are central to that mission,” said Rob Shah, Director, Product, Pelion. “Our ability to leverage the extensive EE network assures customers around the United Kingdom that Pelion will continue to enable their ability to take advantage of the latest in modern technologies, such as our eSIM offering and EE’s 5G service. We look forward to our continued collaboration with industry leaders like BT and are eager to work together to help our customers realise their vision for the Internet of Things.”

Pelion provides global cellular connectivity coverage on all major cellular standards from 2G, 3G and 4G LTE to NB-IoT via multiple direct agreements with Tier 1 operator partners. Pelion combines its extensive coverage with its own management platform and comprehensive technical support capabilities to offer customers the ultimate in reliability and control across all their connections. Pelion, working closely with partners across the ecosystem, allows customers to scale up fast and quickly adopt the most modern technologies, such as eSIM and 5G, to future proof their deployments. Working with Pelion, customers across industries including public transport, logistics, agriculture, security and utilities have been able to maximize the performance of existing deployments and develop entirely new, disruptive business models.

Nick Wootten, MVNO director for BT Wholesale, said: “The opportunity for UK businesses to exploit the potential of IoT based solutions is increasing every day and it is critical that these solutions are underpinned with broad and reliable mobile connectivity. We’re delighted that Pelion’s customers will now have access to the UK’s best 5G network, already covering 50% of the UK population with plans to expand this to 90% of the UK landmass by 2028, complementing the existing market leading position on 4G geographic coverage.”


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