Monitor from afar, take remote control

When your needs go beyond tracking, you need to be thinking about access control and resiliency in your connectivity solution.

Remote monitoring is the classic IoT use case and where it all started. These days remote monitoring happens across a huge variety of industries and for a wide range of different applications.


Unlike remote tracking, which primarily focuses on location data, remote monitoring encompasses a wider range of data types, providing valuable insights into asset or system performance beyond geographical position.


When action is required, an established cellular connection enables immediate response without the need for physical intervention or field engineers. This highlights the significance of connectivity performance, an aspect often overlooked in remote tracking use cases. Additionally, ensuring control over remote hardware access becomes a necessity.


At Pelion, we prioritise both performance and control, recognizing their critical importance in delivering effective remote monitoring solutions.

Examples of monitoring things

Smart EV chargers charging in station

EV Charging

EV Charging is a fast growing application where charging providers need to collect operational data and often facilitate payments from individual charging points deployed across the country (or sometimes internationally). Cellular provides a great solution for EV Charging manufacturers and operators because it offers reliable connectivity that can be managed remotely, and comprehensive coverage allowing them to deploy chargers wherever they are needed.

Patient Monitoring

In patient monitoring applications, cellular allows providers to ensure a reliable connection with the ability to switch between multiple networks to ensure constant connectivity in these often critical applications. Cellular also provides a very high degree of security to ensure sensitive information is kept safe in transit and it places no burden on the end-user for the security or uptime of the connection.

Smart Buildings

Building Management and Monitoring

Increasingly buildings are becoming smart, with more and more internal systems adding the ability to remotely control and monitor their operation. From heating systems to air quality monitors cellular provides a reliable, secure and simple way to connect a variety of different systems both inside and outside the building.

Smart Agriculture

From monitoring crops to fencing, there are a huge number of applications in smart agriculture that can take advantage of cellular connectivity. Cellular is a great fit because it can provide excellent coverage in the often rural and remote locations. It’s also easy to scale, reliable and very cost-effective.

Oysta’s smart remote monitoring device provides peace of mind

Oysta’s Pearl device, enabled by Pelion connectivity, offers a round-the clock “cloak of care” for the end user, providing critical information on the saftey of vulnerable individuals to the remote monitoring facility and to their family.

Pelion products you need for remote monitoring

Pelion provides a reliable, cost effective and secure connectivity solution for all sorts of remote monitoring applications.

Match your application with the right cellular tech

Every application is different with a unique set of requirements and priorities. Your devices, the intended purpose and the deployment location all have a large impact on your connectivity choices. Pelion gives you complete flexibility to spec the perfect coverage, with the right combination of networks, technologies and locations, to ensure your deployments can meet your objectives without adding unnecessary complexity or excessive costs.

4G, 5G and LPWAN connectivity

Match the specific requirements of your devices to the right standard. LPWAN for low data usage applications that prioritise power efficiency or 4G and 5G for applications that need performance.

Custom high and low usage data plans

Build a data plan suited to your application. Pelion offers flexible data plans that let you balance usage across your deployment ensuring you get the most from your money and minimising overage charges.

One connectivity solution for all locations

Pelion provides extensive coverage across multiple networks in countries all over the world. You can consolidate the connectivity for all your deployments, wherever they are, to a single supplier keeping operations streamlined.

Secure and resilient

Monitoring applications often perform a critical operational function and so they must be both resilient and secure. Cellular connectivity combined with Pelion’s additional services offers a reliable, secure and resilient way to connect thousands of devices in multiple locations. For cellular applications, security starts with the physical SIM providing access to the network and when combined with the detailed intelligence on each connection provided by the platform and the ability to add secure IPsec based routing for all your data Pelion can provide unmatched confidence in your deployment and robust security for your data.

IPSec networking

Pelion’s IPSec networking services help you further customise your set-up, letting you route data securely and build in an extra layer or resilience to minimise the chance that your critical connectivity is disrupted.

Secure remote device access

Pelion offers multiple solutions for facilitating secure access to your devices remotely for monitoring, maintenance and configuration. Give your teams streamlined remote access to devices without compromising on security.

Detailed connection analytics

Pelion gives you detailed information on every connection so you can insure the integrity of your deployments is maintained. You can see when devices are connecting, what IPs they are sending data to, and you can quickly take action to block unexpected behaviour.

Easy management and full control

Remote monitoring applications can be complex and involve many different devices performing different functions in different locations. For connectivity this can mean not only a large volume of connections but also a large variety of different networks, standards and protocols. Pelion makes managing all of this easy, regardless of how complicated your deployment is. Manage all your connections, across all locations, networks and technologies on the Pelion platform. Get full visibility and control over every single connection and you can make things even simpler by integrating all of this information and the controls into any connected system with our comprehensive set of APIs.

Manage data plans, billing and more

The platform provides all the tools you need to keep on top of the day-to-day operations of your deployment. See all your data plans on the platform and choose which plan each device uses, and at the end of the month, view all your costs in one simple invoice.

Integrate via APIs

Every feature of the Pelion platform is made available via our APIs meaning if you don’t want to, you don’t have to worry about adding another system to your existing processes. Integrate the parts you need, where you need them and don’t add any extra complexity.

Monitor usage and behaviour

The platform gives you full visibility of data usage for each device and let’s you set alerts to ensure you are not caught by overage charges. You also get detailed analytics into the behaviour of each connection to help keep things secure and performing.

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