Never lose sight of its whereabouts

Asset tracking use cases require ubiquitous coverage so you can keep track of your assets wherever they go.


Cellular is a great choice for keeping track of devices as they move regionally, nationally, or internationally. It can provide cost effective, reliable and easy to implement connectivity for all sorts of devices.


Pelion can offer a choice of low or high data networks depending on what you need. If you need us to provide great power efficiency for battery based devices that only need to check in periodically, we have a variety of LPWAN options. Or if high speed connectivity for devices where continuous tracking is the priority, we have excellent 4G coverage and are the first UK-based IoT MVNO to offer 5G.


The flexibility provided by cellular is unmatched by any other technology choice.


With Pelion your device can be deployed anywhere in the world, switch on and connect, and stay connected as it moves around without ever needing to swap SIMs.

IoT Tracking Use Case Examples

Fleet management

Fleet management involves overseeing and coordinating a fleet of vehicles which could be anything from cars or trucks, to buses or even agricultural machinery. IoT technologies can help simplify and optimise the management and maintenance of large fleets of moving assets. These technologies can provide real-time location data so you always know exactly where your assets are at all times, but it can also provide valuable information on condition, usage, environment and much, much more. This data can be combined with other data from your organisation to help optimize maintenance schedules, improve logistics between sites and locations, improve operational efficiency and identify and prevent potential safety issues.

Micro mobility

IoT is being used in micro-mobility industry to improve efficiency, safety and user experience of vehicles like electric scooters, bikes, and skateboards. IoT devices like GPS, sensors, and wireless communication technologies are embedded in the vehicles to provide real-time information on location, usage and status of the vehicle, this data can be used for fleet management, predictive maintenance, and route optimization. It also enhances user experience by providing information on vehicle availability, wait times, and trip history. These devices can also collect and send data on traffic patterns, air quality and other environmental factors for urban planning and sustainable transportation.

Vehicle telematics

Vehicle telematics is the use of technology to track and monitor a vehicle’s performance and location. It involves the use of GPS, sensors, and wireless communication technologies to collect and transmit data on a vehicle’s speed, fuel consumption, maintenance needs, and location. This data can be used to improve the efficiency and safety of the vehicle, as well as to optimize routes and reduce fuel costs. Use cases in this space also include monitoring driver behavior to provide feedback to improve driving habits. This technology can also be used to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot problems, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The combination of data collected by connecting these things can provide valuable insights for fleet management, logistics and transportation planning.

Package tracking

Package tracking is not a new use case by any means, however, the technologies used to track packages is changing and as a result, so is the volume and quality of information made available. Traditionally a package would be tracked using some combination of barcode scanning, RFID or GPS. Now, cellular IoT devices are being added to pallets and packages able to provide real-time information on the location and status of a package. This information can be used not only to track the package, estimate delivery times, and provide updates but it can also include monitoring environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and shock to ensure that the package is being transported under safe conditions. In certain use cases information collected can have a security focus, enabling tamper detection and real-time monitoring to prevent theft or loss of the package.

Sensize achieve global supply chain tracking

Sensize add their tracking devices to pallets moving through the global supply chain. These tracking devices provide valuable data to suppliers about their shipments as they move, helping them improve efficiency and significantly reduce waste. Sensize also provide devices that help brands measure the effectiveness of instore displays once a shipment arrives in its final destination.

Pelion products you need for asset tracking

Pelion provides a reliable, cost effective and secure connectivity solution for all sorts of tracking applications.

Match your application with the right cellular tech

Every application is different with a unique set of requirements and priorities. Your devices, the intended purpose and the deployment location all have a large impact on your connectivity choices. Pelion gives you complete flexibility to spec the perfect coverage, with the right combination of networks, technologies and locations, to ensure your deployments can meet your objectives without adding unnecessary complexity or excessive costs.

4G, 5G and LPWAN connectivity

Match the specific requirements of your devices to the right standard. CAT-M for low data usage applications that prioritise power efficiency but are still on the move or 4G and 5G for applications that need performance.

Custom high and low usage data plans

Build a data plan suited to your application. Pelion offers flexible data plans that let you balance usage across your deployment ensuring you get the most from your money and minimising overage charges.

One connectivity solution for all locations

Pelion provides extensive coverage across multiple networks in countries all over the world. You can consolidate the connectivity for all your deployments, wherever they are, to a single supplier keeping operations streamlined.

Secure and resilient

When your devices are on the move, keeping track of their location and condition at all times can be tricky, but is critical for your business. Cellular provides a reliable way to connect your devices wherever they are and as they move. As these devices are often out in the field for long periods of time and without direct access security of your devices and data can also be challenging. For cellular applications, security starts with the physical SIM providing access to the network and when combined with the detailed intelligence on each connection provided by the platform and the ability to add secure IPsec based routing for all your data Pelion can provide unmatched confidence in your deployment and robust security for your data.

IPSec networking

Pelion’s IPSec networking services help you further customise your set-up, letting you route data securely and build in an extra layer or resilience to minimise the chance that your critical connectivity is disrupted.

Secure remote device access

Pelion offers multiple solutions for facilitating secure access to your devices remotely for monitoring, maintenance and configuration. Give your teams streamlined remote access to devices deployed in the field without compromising on security.

Detailed connection analytics

Pelion gives you detailed information on every connection so you can insure the integrity of your deployments is maintained. You can see when devices are connecting, what IPs they are sending data to, and you can quickly take action to block unexpected behaviour.

Easy management and full control

In many tracking applications devices can be deployed across multiple local, national and international locations. For connectivity this can mean not only a large volume of connections but also a large variety of different networks. Pelion makes managing all of this easy, regardless of how complicated your deployment is. Manage all your connections, across all locations and networks on the Pelion platform. Get full visibility and control over every single connection and you can make things even simpler by integrating all of this information and the controls into any connected system with our comprehensive set of APIs.

Manage data plans, billing and more

The platform provides all the tools you need to keep on top of the day-to-day operations of your deployment. See all your data plans on the platform and choose which plan each device uses, and at the end of the month, view all your costs in one simple invoice.

Integrate via APIs

Every feature of the Pelion platform is made available via our APIs meaning if you don’t want to, you don’t have to worry about adding another system to your existing processes. Integrate the parts you need, where you need them and don’t add any extra complexity.

Monitor usage and behaviour

The platform gives you full visibility of data usage for each device and let’s you set alerts to ensure you are not caught by overage charges. You also get detailed analytics into the behaviour of each connection to help keep things secure and performing.

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