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Pelion has helped customers fulfil their ambitions across multiple regions, industries and use cases. We’ve helped customers connect and manage all sorts of different things so their business can grow.

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Finding the right connectivity solution

Pelion works with a huge variety of customers connecting and managing their things all over the world. Every project is different and it can be hard to know exactly what you need from a connectivity solution. Your needs for resiliency, coverage, latency, data security and compatibility with hardware all play a part.


See what we recommend for some of the common deployment types and the recurring challenges we solve.

What are you doing?

Monitoring Things

A classic IoT use case, many Pelion customers build solutions designed to improve the visibility across all sorts of processes. Information about what a thing is doing can be unlocked using cellular connectivity and managed without ever having to physically touch the device.

Tracking Things

Another common IoT use case is keeping track of assets as they move. Trackers on valuable assets or vehicles gives you control even when you don’t have physical access to that thing. And aids recovery if it goes missing. But keeping them connected as they move can be a real challenge, especially if moving internationally.

Smarter Things

From everyday items to innovative new services, everything can be connected and turned into a smart product. By embracing AI & Edge intelligence, operations can undergo a revolutionary boost in efficiency, paving the way for lucrative recurring revenue streams.

What’s your 6 month goal?

Profitable subscriptions

The recurring revenue business model has become the first choice for buyers, sellers and investors. The buyer gets a lower upfront cost, and you get a predictable revenue stream with stickier customers. With robust and automated subscriber management you can protect precious margins.

Expand internationally

Building an international or maybe even global business but getting slowed down by limited connectivity coverage or contracting complexity? Maybe your current provider doesn’t have the coverage you need or perhaps you are being forced to have different providers for different regions. We’ve got you covered.

Simplify deployment

If you are manufacturing devices to deploy internationally things can get complicated pretty quick. Maybe you are forced to manage multiple SKUs for different end destinations or perhaps you make a load of different things with unique connectivity requirements. Pelion can make this simple with eSIM.

Reduce complaints

Unplanned downtime and latency problems are the fastest way to annoy customers of connected products or services. By choosing a connectivity provider that provides a multi-network solution with redundancy built in at every step, those complaints will go down.

Reduce data costs

Data costs can get expensive, particularly as volumes increase and your business grows. Maybe you started on a pay-as-you-go plan but it’s starting to get expensive because of the amount of data you use, or perhaps you keep getting expensive overage bills because you don’t have good control over usage. Let’s get those costs under control.

Secure data

Whether it’s driven by regulatory mandate, customer expectation or your own priorities, data security isn’t something you can ignore. Pelion are ISO 27001 accredited and have build a reputation for being the security-conscious MVNO. Let us give you even more protection in your connectivity solution.

Let’s find the right connectivity solution for you

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