Enhance your customer experience and operational performance with connectivity designed for that

Our IoT connectivity services have been designed to bring efficient, seamless and reliable connectivity to e-commerce, point-of-sale and display systems as well as payment terminals and inventory management solutions. With a stable platform and multiple cellular networks available, you’ll be connected 99.99% of the time. 

Let us help you navigate challenges around:

Customer Privacy

Managing and protecting customer data collected through IoT devices while adhering to privacy laws and regulations. 

Inventory Management

Implementing IoT solutions for accurate, real-time inventory tracking and management across multiple locations. 

In-store Experience

Enhancing the customer experience through personalised interactions, while balancing the intrusive nature of some technologies. 

Supply Chain Optimisation

Using IoT to optimise the supply chain, reduce waste, and ensure product availability.


Get well-connected by design.

Pelion provides the world’s best connectivity for your devices. Trial a SIM and experience the Pelion difference.