Pelion Cellular Connectivity

A Pelion IoT SIM gives you access to reliable connectivity coverage across multiple cellular networks and technologies all on a single SIM and with a single contract. Easy to deploy, cost-effective and secure connectivity for any IoT device.

Global coverage

Pelion gives you access to global connectivity coverage at competitive rates across multiple technologies including 3G, 4G, NB-IoT and LTE-M. Choose from multiple local network profiles with out having to negotiate with operators or go global with roaming across 500+ networks.

Flexible data plans

Construct your perfect data plan with Pelion’s flexible options which insure you get the most out of your data without getting charged unnecessary extras and overages. Use all of your data, as you need it, across your whole deployment and eliminate any surprises with Pelion’s automated usage alerts.

Complete control

Every Pelion SIM, whether you order 1 or 1000, gives you access to the Pelion Connectivity platform. Manage all of your SIMs in one place and get total visibility of your network. Optimise your deployment, make properly informed decisions and find and fix faults fast, all on the Pelion platform.

Pelion provides Sensize with global connectivity

Sensize are on a mission to track every package in the manufacturing supply chain. They provide their customers with much greater visibility so they can optimize processes and make better decisions. Using Pelion SIMs Sensize can connect thousands of shipments, wherever they are in the world, all managed in one place and consolidated under a single, cost effective contract.

Pelion helps customers save money and improve service quality

Lothian improves customer experience

Working with Pelion, Lothian acquired fast 4G backhaul to the internet that would allow connectivity for CCTV streaming, CCTV health check, passenger information systems and destination screen updates to backend servers.

Tangerine transforms asset tracking

Tangerine offers an AI-powered data analytics platform, which combines in-vehicle data collection devices with mobile and web-based services to provide insights for fleet management, vehicle health, and insurance telematics applications.

SMS optimizes smart meter data collection

SMS Plc. partnered with Pelion to facilitate the daily collection of meter readings. With our SIM functionality, platform capabilities and robust VPN infrastructure, SMS offers a resilient and cost effective solution which is easy to manage.

Want to try Pelion free

Get a free IoT SIM and free data

Get started with Pelion with 60 days free data, access to our connectivity management platform and a set of free IoT SIMs.

Upgrade to eSIM

Want the ultimate in future proofing for your deployment? Upgrading to eSIM with Pelion let’s you avoid network lock-in and ensure your costs stay competitive for the life-time of the device with no manual intervention required. Speak to one of our team to find out if eSIM is the right fit for your deployment.