In this guest blog by Purshottam Purswani, CTO, IoT lead APAC at Atos, a key partner in the Pelion ecosystem, explains how an IoT device management solution allows you to manage large-scale IoT device deployments, be it from the cloud, on-site or through gateways.

We already see that IoT edge devices have become a key pillar for augmenting human intelligence by leveraging and running AI algorithms on the edge. Typically for large-scale AI implementation, IoT deployments can consist of many edge devices; these devices need to be monitored and managed to ensure that we don’t lose on the critical data. In addition, these edge devices are not running inside a data centre; it is of paramount importance that IoT devices must be guaranteed to be secure and fully functional. It is also required to manage upgrades, monitor devices, debug and troubleshoot issues, and ensure safe access to devices.

Here, a Device Management solution like Pelion can help IoT applications deliver transformative business value by ensuring that devices are kept up to date, secure, and accessible. Pelion’s IoT Device Management can provide entire lifecycle management for any device, managed from the cloud, on-site, or through gateways. It allows you to register, monitor effectively, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale. Based on the deployment of Atos codex IoT platform in various industries like smart cities, smart manufacturing,  Atos as part of the IoT solution provides device management solution as key element. Few of the key features, we see in the device management solution are:

Mass provisioning of devices: One can provision multiple IoT devices all at once, while ensuring that the devices are secure through device authentication. One can use device twin management to store device-specific metadata in the cloud and report the current state information from a device app.

Indexing and Filtering of devices: It can quickly filter down to a specific device through device indexing and search. One can also perform remote monitoring and diagnosis, which enables issues to be resolved through prompt troubleshooting.

Security: Ecosystem is able to burn SSL certificates on the edge devices as they are provisioned.

Remote firmware upgrade: The state of each device can be retrieved, and one can perform device firmware upgrades at scale.

Store and forward IoT Messages: Typically, enterprises have very well established data lake strategy and they are looking for the device management solution which manages the devices but in addition captures data, does protocol conversion and send the data to the enterprise data lake. With this feature in Pelion, one doesn’t have to replicate the functionality of IoT platform ensuring that we don’t get into the data governance issue of duplication, etc.

Lifecycle of the edge devices: The edge devices go through a lifecycle from the provisioning, commissioning, management of the device and retirement of the edge device. From a traceability perspective, the asset management functionality plays a key role for the management of the edge gateways.

Hence it is of paramount importance that the IoT Device Management solution should allow to manage large-scale IoT device deployments, be it from the cloud, on-site, or through gateways, efficiently and effectively.

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