At Pelion we talk a lot about the value our large, diverse ecosystem brings to our end customers, but why are ecosystems important to our Partners?

Jim Goodman is CEO of BBi, whose Pelion-connected Connex terminal is the world’s most advanced secure cloud portal, enabling organisations to ensure their critical data is secured no matter where their employees are situated. Read the following blog for his thoughts on the benefits of working within a Partner ecosystem in developing trusted, productive relationships.

Partner Ecosystems

Partner ecosystems are a new concept for me as CEO in particular; coming from a background of developing technology processes and systems particularly in the security arena, our dynamic was all in-house.

Again, with BBi we followed this old pattern without much thought for the outside World, with regards to the build. But it was people like Pelion’s Sally Atkinson that have shown us another far more sensible route.

BBi is such a mix of disciplines in creating a definitive end-to-end secure system, that the “no man is an island” logic has to kick in eventually.

When I say end-to-end, to be clear we encompass every stage of your technology journey, from the point at which you walk towards your workstation all the way to the cloud you are using.

As advocates of a 5G IOT World we have benefited from the data provision and the detailed management systems and processes that Pelion have developed, and we leverage these to best advantage for our customers, as part of the Connex solution.

I think that, beyond the technology, the existence of a thriving partner ecosystem dispenses with the outdated and risky model of rooms full of professionals handing out business cards and hoping for a good connection to support their business ambitions. By developing strong partnerships based on absolute loyalty and trust, we can make those professional introductions with certainty, and that can only develop stronger business with greater and more fruitful conversations. As part of the Pelion ecosystem we can be certain that all Partners are working to the same broad goals and have an interest in supporting one another to enable the delivery of the best possible solution to the end customer.

Connex incorporates a high speed 5G router and reduces local memory and processing power. By combining this with Pelion’s secure data provision to cloud services, we ensure 2 things:

  1. High performance connection.
  2. Hardware-driven secure process. The key to performance is an integrated 360° antenna system. This provides a reliable connection for existing 4G/5G networks, whilst supporting emerging mmWave technologies.

The conversation is cloud.

Secure Access Service Edge plus speed and reliability delivers you a different kind of cloud and the benefits for your organization are substantial. BBi and Pelion can support you in your journey to secure cloud.

BBi and Pelion – Together we can do more.

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