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Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at the Glasgow All Energy Conference, an annual event that showcases the latest innovations in energy and sustainability. This year, the conference’s focus was on how interconnected technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) are playing a pivotal role in advancing our sustainable future. 


Pelion at the Forefront 


At Pelion, we are passionate about harnessing the power of IoT to drive significant environmental advancements. During my talk, titled “Empowering Sustainable Futures with IoT,” I highlighted how IoT is integral to delivering innovations to optimise processes across multiple sectors to minimise our ecological footprint. 
During the presentation I covered several key areas where IoT is making a difference: 
  • IoT as a Catalyst for Sustainability: Demonstrate the vital role that IoT connectivity technologies play in promoting sustainability across various sectors. By using IoT, we can collectively enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and optimise resource management, leading to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions.  
  • The Technology and Telecommunications industry has a role to play in contributing to sustainability: Highlighting Pelion’s commitment and leadership in integrating IoT solutions that advance environmental sustainability. Pelion is actively involved in projects that push the envelope using technology to support eco- and sustainability initiatives.  
  • Real-world Impact and Future Potential: Showcasing how real-world applications with IoT solutions’ measurable impact on sustainability, exemplified by our case studies. We invite the audience to consider the future potential of IoT in driving further innovations and achieving global environmental goals, marking IoT as not just a technological advancement but a crucial tool in combating climate change. 


Real-world Impact 


The most exciting portion of the session involved sharing real-world examples of our customers proving the tangible impact of the technologies we provide.  I highlighted a few our customer case studies including: 


  • British Gas Hive and their EV charging solution delivering customers with the ability power their vehicles. (Read Here)
  • Journeo, with their innovative transport solution. (Read Here)
  • Spinview who are delivering sustainable outcomes through Digital Twins for Ding’s eco-friendly connected beer cleaning system.  
  • Clear Channel where the use of clever connectivity solutions enable digital OOH displays to provide measurable sustainability outcomes 
  • Gardner Denver connected compressed air pumps which deliver sustainable insights to their customers eliminating unnecessary site visits and assuring operations are running at optimal efficiency 


Looking Ahead 


Looking forward, the intersection of IoT and sustainability presents a vast landscape of opportunities. As we stand on the brink of what could be the next great revolution in tech and sustainability, our message to the industry is clear: let’s collaborate and innovate to make a lasting, positive impact on the planet. 
I appreciated the positive feedback following the session and I am inspired by the shared enthusiasm for sustainable innovation. I am already looking forward to next year’s conference to share our progress and new insights. 
Thank you to everyone who attended and engaged with us at the Glasgow All Energy Conference.  
Together, we are driving towards a greener, well-connected sustainable world by design. 


About the Author 

Dave Weidner is Pelion’s CEO. With deep expertise in technology, telecoms, M&A, Venture Capital, and PE, Dave is recognised for driving innovation and fostering growth. He champions a culture of creativity through his challenging yet considerate leadership style.

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