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Pelion is here, as an independent company, rising from Arm’s technology heritage and now singularly focused on accelerating IoT adoption.

What does this mean for the world of IoT? Our goal is to provide a reliable foundation to manage both the ‘I’nternet (connectivity) and ‘T’hings (devices). We want to empower businesses to unleash IoT data, applications, and the business transformation promised by IoT.

So far, IoT technologies have struggled to solidify their rightful place in digital transformation. Innovators have explored diverse use cases, used a variety of device types, connected on fragmented networks, and deployed everywhere, from the cloud to on-premises through to the edge. This proliferation across IoT needs to be reined in with resilient management. That is what Pelion delivers.

Pelion’s Connected Device platform is designed to simplify IoT complexity with:

Let’s explore a representative use case of an industrial site aiming to get better visibility and control of manufacturing operations using IoT. The site would likely have a mix of equipment like robotic assembly lines, chemical treatment lines, and quality test machines running in multiple shifts round the clock. In addition, there will be lighting, temperature, humidity, vibration, gas sensors to monitor environment health and worker safety.

All these devices may be directly connected on local or cellular network, or indirectly connected through edge gateways. To ensure no downtime, each device must have the latest firmware updates, end-to-end security, and an ability to monitor and indicate deteriorating health. Also, for timely decision-making with local data from the devices, business critical applications may need to run locally on the gateway systems, with or without connectivity.

Pelion addresses such complex IoT projects by offering a one-stop platform for connectivity, device management, and edge application orchestration. With Pelion services, legacy and non-IP devices can be connected seamlessly, firmware/security patches can be delivered as fractional cost-effective updates, and device/connection health along with any vulnerabilities can be pinpointed with traceable identity.


Here’s what our customers have to say

Pelion is already an established provider of IoT platform services helping drive business outcomes at more than 500 enterprise and OEM customers, located across 5 continents, with a strong ecosystem of more than 150 partners. With a focus on supporting our customers to enable vertical specific use-cases, we’re excited to work with organizations that are transforming the world with IoT and to help them realize the benefits of IoT to their fullest potential.

At this important milestone in the Pelion journey, our customers and partners join our enthusiasm:

“Unlocking the value of IoT at this massive scale requires a collaborative team effort, and Hexing looks forward to continuing our partnership with Pelion and building a rich and diverse ecosystem.”  
Zhou Liangzhang, Chairman, Hexing  

“Working with Pelion solves the challenges of operating a global footprint, with the flexibility of any device, any data, any network, and any cloud.  They are really delivering on the promise of future proofing IoT for our customers. IoT is a very dynamic environment, and we must team with an agile organization that can move at the same pace. Here at Tangerine, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Pelion.” 
Sunija Rishi, Co-Founder & COO, Tangerine

“In a post-COVID environment, we see increased interest worldwide, with many new opportunities in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, among many others.  As we’ve expanded and scaled-out, Pelion has proven to “be the perfect partner, enabling our devices with genuinely global connectivity, empowering us to innovate and push into new markets.  Rapid development and deployment are essential for our success; the sooner one of our products is on the wall, the quicker it generates value.  Our experience has been so good that we wish we’d connected with Pelion sooner, and that’s why we’re so pleased to be partnering with Pelion now, at this critical phase of their evolution.”  
Syed Ahmed, Founder & MD, SAVORTEX

“Teaming with Pelion on multiple levels, gives us tremendous insight into their strengths and passion towards IoT, and together we are delivering solutions for mission-critical industries to achieve highly secured and manageable, connected device fleets. We are excited to be working with Pelion as they embark on this new phase of their evolution and explore all the possibilities that two organizations – with inspired innovation to their cores – can deliver together.
Aleksandr Värä, Head of Industrial Internet Security, Nixu Cybersecurity

“IoT is at a crucial stage of transition, and for SoftBank Corp., working with the right partners has never been more vital. SoftBank Corp. has been collaborating with Pelion for some time on several projects, and we’re delighted to continue the partnership as Pelion begins this next exciting phase of its evolution. SoftBank Corp.’s goal is to be the benchmark for inspired IoT, and partnering with an agile, dynamic organization such as Pelion helps us deliver this.”
Hironobu Tamba, Vice President, IT-OT Innovation Division, Softbank Corp.


Together we can do more: as customers, partners, and Pelion. IoT has the potential to change everything, and we hope that innovators looking to transform the world with IoT will choose Pelion to securely connect and manage their devices.

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