Investing in Glasgow’s Tech Future: The Visionary Partnership of Pelion and STAC

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Glasgow Tech Week is unfolding with an electric atmosphere as Pelion and the Smart Things Accelerator Centre (STAC) take centre stage in their mission to transform the city’s tech landscape. Niall Strachan, Pelion’s Chief Commercial Officer, and Paul Wilson, CEO of STAC, share their perspectives on creating a dynamic tech ecosystem rooted in global ambition but fuelled by local support. It’s a story of growth, global vision, and local dedication. 

Building Local Talent into Global Innovators 

Niall Strachan’s 20-year perspective on Glasgow’s tech scene reveals a common thread: Scots are often in leading roles at global tech firms, yet local opportunities remain scarce. STAC, through its 18-month accelerator program, aims to nurture Scotland’s emerging tech talent. By providing strategic guidance and support, STAC creates a fertile ground for startups to grow, helping them refine their vision. Pelion, headquartered in Glasgow, shares this vision and aligns closely with STAC’s mission, bolstering efforts to cultivate a globally competitive environment. 

The Origin of STAC 

Paul Wilson’s journey to founding STAC was shaped by his extensive tech experience abroad, notably at Blackberry. Inspired by Canada’s supportive tech ecosystem, he envisioned adapting similar successful models to Scotland’s specific needs. With a £2.5 million investment, STAC has quickly risen as a leading accelerator for IoT and connected-device startups. Its rigorous selection process admits only high-potential companies, with 60-70% being filtered out, ensuring the 18-month program remains impactful and exclusive. Remarkably, only 20% of accepted participants leave before completion.

Commitment to Diversity 

STAC’s distinctive focus on inclusivity is highlighted by its high ratio of female founders, reaching up to 40% in some cohorts. Wilson recognises the importance of diverse perspectives: “IoT and smart tech have the power to solve real-world problems, and diversity in thought is essential.” This approach creates a balanced environment that fosters a broad range of innovative ideas. 

Global Impact Vision

Pelion and STAC are aligned in their goal to empower Scottish startups to thrive on the global stage. “We want to help create companies that can compete internationally and bring Scottish innovation to the world,” says Strachan. The partnership opens doors for these startups to make an international impact, with key alliances involving industry leaders like Intel, Arrow, and a very large and well-known vehicle manufacturer (to be announced soon), as well as solid backing from Glasgow City Council and Scottish Enterprise. 

A Promising Future

STAC companies are securing investments and major contracts, validating the passion and mentorship of those involved. Paul Wilson emphasizes that the Pelion team’s mentorship is driven by genuine care for the next generation of innovators, sharing their knowledge to bolster Scotland’s tech future. 
 As Glasgow Tech Week continues to celebrate these initiatives, the momentum shows that Glasgow’s tech ecosystem is well on its way to becoming a global contender, thanks to the collaborative and visionary efforts of Pelion and STAC. 
 Learn more about STAC and their incubator programme here
As a continuation of Pelion’s contribution to the Glasgow Tech momentum, our CEO Dave Weidner will be speaking about Sustainability empowered by IoT at the All Energy Conference on 16 May 2024. 
 See Pelion’s CEO at the All Energy Event HERE

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