This month at Pelion we wanted to reflect on our heritage as part of Arm and our history of IoT successes. Pelion may have launched as a standalone company only in November of last year, but our history extends back much further. Pelion as it is today is the outcome of decades of thinking, of invention and of collaboration.

We thought we would take this opportunity to look back, not just at Pelion’s journey as part of Arm but also at some of the significant milestones in the history IoT technology which has taken us to where we are today with this exciting future in front of us.

From researchers connecting a vending machine to a network in 1982, to smart fridges, driverless cars and the number of connected devices overtaking the number of PC’s and smartphones, IoT has been on an ever accelerating journey towards mainstream adoption and enormous scale. And for Pelion, since Arm founded it’s IoT business unit in 2012 signaling the start of what we are today, Arm were constantly building capabilities through acquisition and invention. All of this investment was focused on solving the challenges of their customers and over the next six years it would evolve into the Pelion platform. Launching for the first time at MWC in 2018, the Pelion platform was a bringing together of these broad capabilities under one focused offering designed to help connect and manage the worlds devices.

Today we look back, almost exactly three years later and Pelion has been unleashed, ready to connect a world where life and device will thrive together. We help our customers securely connect and manage their devices, so they can transform their businesses and the world around them.

If this is just the start, we can’t wait to come back to this timeline in another 5 years time. What a story we will have to tell.

You can see our part in IoT history here, or take a look at the full timeline in the link below which extends back to 1969!

History of IoT- Pelion as a business

Take a look at the full timeline